Children’s Urgent Care Center (UCC)

Who is Served?

The UCC serves children/youth who are experiencing a serious behavioral health issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Ages served: 3-18, as well as those youth 18-21 who continue to receive children’s services if they continue to be enrolled in school, or they continue to be in the custody of DHS.

Note: A telephone Language Line service is used to communicate with families for whom English is not the primary language.

Why is this Service Offered?

The staff of the UCC will work with you and your child to resolve any current crisis situations and link to ongoing services, if needed.

What is the Service?

  • You and your child will meet with a nurse (RN) for a brief medical assessment and a master’s level Crisis Intervention Specialist for a comprehensive Crisis Assessment.
  • Safety planning will be offered to both you and your child.
  • Your child may receive a Psychiatric Assessment via our Telepsychiatry service, if needed.
  • If you were referred to the UCC, staff will reach out to your referral source for information and to coordinate care as needed following your UCC visit.
  • UCC staff will follow up with your child’s school and insurance provider to ensure smooth linkage to recommended services.
  • UCC staff will follow up with your family after your visit to assist with linkages as needed.

If you are seeking either voluntary inpatient or an involuntary commitment, you must utilize the Philadelphia Children’s Crisis Response Center (please see “When are the services available?” below for this response center’s location)

Services are provided in the community, in your home, or wherever assistance and support is required.

The UCC is located at 1919 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111
Monday through Friday 11am-6pm

How do I contact PATH?

The number for PATH’s Urgent Care Center is (215) 728-4651.

If you need immediate behavioral health assistance outside of these hours, please utilize the Philadelphia Children’s Crisis Response Center located here:

Philadelphia Children’s Crisis Response Center
3300 Henry Avenue, Falls Two Building, 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19129
Their phone number is (215) 878-2600

Hours of Operation:

24 hours / 7 days per week
Accessible to public transit, and on-site parking is available.

You are eligible to receive services if:

You are a Philadelphia resident.

How Do I Contact PATH?

Please call 215-728-4565
to obtain additional information.