Adult Behavioral Health Residential

Who is Served?

You are served if you are an adult with a serious mental health diagnosis and you are in need of residential supports.

Why is this Service Offered?

The Specialized Residential Program helps you to live as independently as possible in the community.

What is the Service?

  • You will live in the community. Our homes include single homes and duplexes located in Northeast Philadelphia.
  • You will share a home with two other individuals.
  • You will meet with staff to identify new skills that you would like to develop so you can live more independently.
  • You will work together with staff to develop these skills.
  • You will receive assistance in all areas where you may need support, such as cooking, shopping, budgeting and personal care.
  • You will make choices regarding how you will spend your days, your evenings and your weekends.
  • Examples may include: attending a day or vocational program or volunteering.
  • Your staff will work together with other members of your treatment team to meet your mental health needs.
  • You and your staff will schedule medical appointments and your staff will arrange or provide transportation to those appointments.
  • You will be supported in maintaining your connections with family and other important individuals in your life.
  • You will be encouraged to develop new friendships as opportunities for socialization are provided.
  • Your spirituality and religious preferences will be supported and you will be given every opportunity to practice and participate in the religion of your choice.
Services are provided in Philadelphia.
Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You are eligible to receive services if:

  • You reside in Philadelphia.
  • You have had a psychiatric evaluation within the past year documenting a serious mental illness. A referral packet has been submitted to the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health. We can help arrange for this evaluation and referral.
  • The Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health has approved this service for you.

“I think it’s terrific. It has helped me an awful lot. I feel I’m in recovery now.”

Regina, Community Residential Rehabilitation resident

How Do I Contact PATH?

Please call 215-728-4640
to obtain additional information.