Adult Community Mobile Crisis Response Team

Who is Served?

The Adult Community Mobile Crisis Response Team (ACMCRT) serves adults who are experiencing serious mental health concerns or behavioral difficulties.

Ages served: Adults 18 and over.

Why is this Service Offered?

The service is offered to collaboratively work with individuals in the community to provide support to those experiencing a mental health crisis, with the intent of resolution and recovery-oriented interventions as an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization.

What is the Service?

  • ACMCRT provides resolution-focused interventions that occur in the community to eliminate and/or decrease the need for inpatient psychiatric services. This occurs by assessing the severity of the crisis, and if warranted, provide resources and referrals in an effort to bridge services while allowing one to remain in their communities.

Services are typically provided in your home and/or your community.
Mobile crisis services are available 24 hours a day and are operational 365 days a year.

On-call support is available to you 24 hours/7 days per week in the event of a crisis.

You are eligible to receive services if:

  • You are experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • you have medical assistance (CBH) or you are uninsured.
  • You reside in Northeast Philadelphia.

How do I contact PATH?

Please call (267) 350-4727 to obtain additional information.

How Do I Contact PATH?

Please call 215-728-4562
to obtain additional information.