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PATH is governed by a Board of Directors whose members live in our service area and are all volunteers. Our Board members are dedicated individuals, most of whom have family members who participate in our programs. The Board of Directors sets policy for the agency and advocates for the needs of all those in the community.

The Board of Directors hires the President & CEO who is responsible for the management of PATH. This is achieved by a team of dedicated professionals whose guiding principle in all decision-making is our mission of “helping individuals achieve a more independent and fulfilling life”. This team consists of the Executive Staff and the Expanded Management Council who develop programs, implement policies and procedures, evaluate their effectiveness and make changes as appropriate. Our management philosophy is that all administrative and management functions must support and enhance the clinical process and that each staff member is valued for their unique contributions in furtherance of our mission.


  • Mary Malone Sparks - Chairperson
  • Dottie Lynch - Vice Chairperson
  • Brad Newman - Treasurer
  • Maryann Parrotti - Secretary
  • Sherrie Levin - Director
  • Jeffery Brown - Director (not pictured)
  • Nancy Greenstein - Chairperson Emeritus
  • Elizabeth Andl-Petkov - President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Daniel P. McElhatton, Esquire – Corporate Counsel (not pictured)

Maryann Parrotti (Secretary),
Nancy Greenstein (Chairperson Emeritus), Brad Newman (Treasurer)
(L. to R. back): Sherrie Levin (Director), Elizabeth Andl-Petkov (President/CEO),
Dottie Lynch (Vice Chairperson), and Mary Malone Sparks (Chairperson)


  • Elizabeth Andl-Petkov - President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Karen L Graves - Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. Marie Kearns - Behavioral Health Director
  • William Schoppe - Intellectual Disabilities Director
  • Chris James - Systems and Evaluation Director & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Dr. Nora Kramer - Medical Director
  • Elizabeth Andl-Petkov - President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Donna Bourgeois - Chief Revenue Officer
  • Dr. Karen L Graves - Chief Operating Officer
  • Tara Bertram - Director, BH Residential Programs
  • Heather Ciociola - Performance Improvement & Communications Director
  • Paul Felix - Director, Facilities Department
  • Gail Finnel - Director, Adult Targeted Case Management
  • Tondra Fleming - Director, ID Day Programs
  • Dr. Tasha Glass, Psy. D. - Clinical Director, Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)
  • Glen Aronovitch - Director, CYS Family Based
  • Chris James - Systems and Evaluation Director
  • Dr. Nora Kramer - Medical Director
  • Mike Lewinsky - CIO/CSO
  • Marie Kearns - Behavior Health Director
  • Anthony Moore - Director, ID CLA
  • Sharon Niblick - Executive Office Manager
  • William Schoppe - Intellectual Disabilities Director
  • Melissa Shuster - Director, BH Adult Day Services
  • Felice Srolis - Director, Continuity of Care
  • Jeffrey Wolfenson - Chief Financial Officer
  • Donna Young - Director, Children and Youth Services
  • Lorri Young-West - Intensive Behavioral Health Services Director
  • John Bailey - UCC Director
  • Zanetta Calzadilla - CLA Assistant Program Director
  • Shelly Dacres - Training & Community Relations Director
  • Lesa Drake - RTF Program Director
  • Dana Gordon - IT Director
  • Keiyana Laws - CLA Assistant Program Director
  • Christie Maher - CLA Assistant Program Director
  • Srinath Pedi - Director of Application Development and Data Management
  • Colleen Roberts - Intake/Outpatient Director
  • Quiana Watson - BHID Program Director
  • Matt Ziegler - Special Projects & Initiatives Coordinator
Nancy Greenstein

"Thank you to all PATH staff for providing quality supports and services to the individuals whom we serve."

Nancy Greenstein, Chairperson of the Board at the Staff Recognition Dinner


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